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If you are like me, eager to take the COVID vaccine, I have developed a quick and easy way to find out the closest appointment through data analysis. As you may have noticed, once you try to book an appointment through the CVS website, or other recommended websites like My Turn, you will quickly find out that your search is often limited to 50 miles, and depending on where you live, you won’t find any availability. Having the sun out, warmer weather, and looking forward to meeting with friends again motivates me enough to drive reasonably far to find the…

The learnings from a technical sales guy.

Early enough in my career, I got the opportunity of jumping straight out of college into a hardware sales role. The shiny corporate logo, worldwide brand awareness, and compelling story of how great the products seem to be were enough for me to jump into that wagon. In hindsight, it was the best and worst decision of my career.

Straight out of the gate, I realized the semiconductor industry is tough. The industry is full of know-it-all personalities with tons of experience that rule the game. The technology and the supply chain around…

Things to consider before jumping into the career

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We are now faced with an avalanche of cool careers, especially for new graduates, where you could go from being a Tik-Toker, or one-hit-wonder Youtuber to an exciting career in sales, and for the ones that get bogged down by the idea of the annoying car salesman, you have the wrong picture. If you just finished a degree in engineering or it’s a veteran coder with tons of experience, you may want to consider jumping into technical sales.

Why would I ever do that?

Technical sales is exciting and fun. Think of using all the coolest and trendiest frameworks and knowledge you accumulated over the years…

Building an end to end Machine Learning Video Pipeline

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I always thought it was cool to spend the time to code a project with a full video stream, in fact when I searched for all the cool applications out there, I rarely found a well-explained tutorial that would provide me insights into how to build a pipeline that would take a video stream in, and make it available to the application for downstream processing such as facial detection or object classification use case. I mean… I get it, it’s boring to build the foundation but for those who want to take a peak at it, this is your chance.


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